About Nik

I was born in Sussex, England in 1966 to an English mother and German father. Educated at Michael Hall Waldorf Steiner school in Forest Row where I was introduced to wood, copper, silver, wool, textiles and ceramics as part of the standard art and craft curriculum.

Drawn to working with clay, I then trained in ceramics at Medway College of Design where I specialised in salt-glazing. Among my tutors were renowned potters Peter Beard and Colin Pearson.

After several successful post-graduate exhibitions, I explored the world, visiting Europe, Mexico, Thailand and the USA, before settling in Germany where I established a business selling hand-carved, art-nouveau, relief tiles and mosaics.

In 2001, I returned to my Sussex home and started experimenting with new materials including resins and pewter, and worked in graphic design, model-making and architectural ceramics.

The move to Saint Georges, France in 2007 was an opportunity to realise a dream – of creating a home and workspace that reflect my love of experimentation and form a showcase for all my artistic finishes. Despite my continual search for something new, throughout my work there is always a hint of my enduring admiration of Jugendstil (German for ‘youth style’ or art nouveau).