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What they say about us:

Nov 2016 STARTS AT 60 (Not us! Website for retirees) : Kiwi who flew the coop

Dec 2012 LE VOIX DE NORD : Boutique de Noel

Sep 2012 THE GOOD LIFE FRANCE : A Dream of Self-Sufficiency

Jan 2012 LIVING FRANCE : Land of Milk and Honey

Aug 2010 FROGSIDERS : Art Exhibition Review

Jun 2010 CONNEXION : Help is just a mouse click away

Sep 2009 FROGSIDERS : Artist of the Month: Nik Meergans

May 2009 LE VOIX DE NORD : Apprendre la poterie

Oct 2008 L'ABEILLE DU TERNOIS : Une artiste aux doigts d'or

And about our region...

2009 The Observer Great French Weekends

Brocantes, Parks and alternative accommodation: Local info and useful links

Articles we have written:

The indefatigable Janine Marsh runs The Good Life France - the best website around for Francophiles. We have written a few articles for her site.

Making friends with neighbours

Homemade Creme de Cassis

Act like a local

Anzac Day at Viller Bretonneux

Walnut Wine

Wine Tasting at Chateau Chenonceau