About Donna...

I grew up next to the sea in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Despite the idyllic surroundings, I was always drawn to travel.

I chose French as one of my main school subjects and immediately fell in the love with the culture, harbouring a now-fulfilled dream of living in the french countryside one day.

With a career in IT, I spent most of my 20s and 30s living in or near cites. But like Nik, I share a love of making things and a fascination with how things are made.

From my father, a house and boatbuilder who loved wood, I gained an appreciation of craftsmanship.

From my mother, I inherited the idea that anything was possible. My engish born Mother regularly received Woman's Day magazines as a gift from an Aunt still residing in the UK. In the 70s, they were full of recipes and projects for the home, but in a small rural town, we rarely had access to the ingredients or materials they suggested. However, my mother was never fazed and would leap up enthusiastically and put a modified plan into action. Her adaptability has always stuck with me.

I am never happier than when I am constructing something; be it a recipe, a wall or a decoration in pottery or glass. My head is constantly buzzing with more projects than will ever come to fruition in my lifetime but I am content to keep exploring with materials and ideas and sharing that exploration with others.

Much of our creativity goes into our own home (and the Accommodation we provide for guests), some of it is displayed in our small onsite boutique and on more organised days, it makes it to our online Etsy shop

Better still, come and do a Course with us and discover your own inner artist or craftsman :-)

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