Short-break Workshops

We are experts in some crafts, dabblers in others... but we'd like you to join us, share the fun and discover your creative side.

We propose a weekend for 2-4 people. Arrive Friday night, settle into your Accommodation where a meal will be waiting for you. If you arrive early evening, we will have meet and greet "aperos" - otherwise, we will all get acquainted after breakfast on Saturday.

Saturday morning: Wake at your leisure, breakfast will be delivered to your door. Mid-morning, we will all meet for coffee and discuss the day's plans.

We offer courses in any one of the following:

  • Raku - decorate 3-4 pieces of pottery and enjoy a night firing.

  • Glass - make a stained glass angel (or character) and/or fuse a piece of glass for a necklace or brooch.

  • Wild Food - we'll take a walk and gather elderflowers, elderberries, haw berries, beech leaves or whatever is in season, then return to make preserves or drinks.

  • Cheeseboards - This is a great couples course; work in pairs to cut, router, drill and sand a rustic solid wood cheeseboard, with decorated cheeseknife and slate labels.

We will all lunch together. In the evening, for Raku, the fun begins - and we will enjoy a BBQ alongside. For other courses, you have the option of making pizzas together in our clay oven or sitting back and being served a 4-course dinner based on locally sourced foods.

On Sunday, after breakfast (again delivered to your door), we will package your treasures over a leisurely coffee. This could involve cleaning the raku pottery, finishing off jewellery, packaging and labelling preserves, optional gift-wrapping and obligatory photos :)

We can recommend a choice of restaurants for Sunday lunch out - after which you can pack up and return home in good time for the week ahead.

These courses are also available mid-week and we can tailor the package to your desires. We have friends in the region who also offer courses in singing, charcuterie, cooking and patchwork. And we run non-residential courses as well. Get in touch and see what we can offer YOU.